Toy Animal Figurines

Safari Ltd Whitetail Buck Large
Whitetail Buck Large
One of the most widely distributed mammals across the Americas, whitetail deer a...
$13.98 $13.98
Safari Ltd Turkey
More plump than their wild cousins, domestic turkeys share similar features, and...
$5.48 $5.48
Safari Ltd Texas Longhorn Bull
Texas Longhorn Bull
Texas Longhorns are easily recognizable by their namesake horns. The span betwee...
$8.48 $8.48
Safari Ltd South African Animals
South African Animals
This TOOB features highly detailed miniature mammals representing the diverse re...
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd Sheep
The sheep is one of the earliest domesticated animals. There are over one billio...
$5.28 $5.28
Safari Ltd River Tube
River Tube
This Toob includes ten denizens that frequent rivers, including a bald eagle, be...
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd Red Fox
Red Fox
The Red Fox is one of the most widespread members of the order Carnivora, which ...
$14.98 $14.98
Safari Ltd Rainforest Tube
Rainforest Tube
Discover a beautiful world of creatures that crawl, fly, hop, and slither in our...
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd Raccoon
Raccoons are commonly found all throughout North America, as well as some parts ...
$4.68 $4.68
Safari Ltd Rabbit
Dozens of species of rabbits, including popular types such as the Eastern cotton...
$2.68 $2.68
Safari Ltd Powhatan Indians Tube
Powhatan Indians Tube
Meet the Powahatan Indians, one of the many Native American tribes.
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd North American Wildlife Tube
North American Wildlife Tube
North America is home to wildlife from multiple, diverse ecosystems. Including a...
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd Ocean Tube
Ocean Tube
Complete with some of the most iconic ocean creatures this Toob has 12 of your f...
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd On the Road Tube
On the Road Tube
Grab your keys and hit the open road with this expansive and fun Safari Toob. In...
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd People at Work Tube
People at Work Tube
Each and every person’s job is very important some way or another, regardless of...
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd Petting Zoo Tube
Petting Zoo Tube
Make sure you bring some treats to give these adorable animals! This Toob featur...
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd Piglet
Piglets are precious animals, born with teeth and the ability to suckle immediat...
$2.48 $2.48
Safari Ltd Pirates Tube
Pirates Tube
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd Nature Tube
Nature Tube
Bring the wonder of the great outdoors into your home with the Nature Toob! Incl...
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd Musical Instruments Tube
Musical Instruments Tube
Start your own band with this wide arrangement of instruments! Including a tromb...
$11.98 $11.98
Safari Ltd Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion
Also known as the cougar, puma, and catamount, the mountain lion is a type of la...
$5.28 $5.28
Safari Ltd Morgan Mare
Morgan Mare
Anyone who’s ever felt that a horse made them feel calm and accepted may have ex...
$4.98 $4.98
Safari Ltd Moose
Growing over 7 feet tall, moose are the largest species in the deer family and a...
$19.98 $19.98
Safari Ltd Llama
The llama is a domesticated member of the Camelidae family that can be found in ...
$5.98 $5.98
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